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Mag 250 - Android - STB Emulator

MAG 250 IPTV Box
UK British TV

MAG Box is a cutting edge IPTV service providing great UK TV to expats around the World. Our service has been optimised to supply to customers in Thailand and all the surrounding countrys of South East Asia, plus Australia and New Zealand BUY NOW ONLINE 15'000 Thai Baht The Total Price Includes 1 Year Viewing Service

Video On Demand
Live UK Radio

With over 200 of the best UK TV channels (no filler or ‘junk TV’ channels added to make the service sound bigger!) covering Sports, Movies, Entertainment, Documentaries, Kids channels and News there is something for everyone. Plus, we constantly record over 70 channels which means that any channel featuring the symbol will also provide our 7-day catchup facility so you can go back and watch shows that have already aired! BUY NOW!!

Simple to use, easy to install
Now Avaliable On Android

We send you a simple to use, easy to install, set top box that connects to your router and your TV set. Then, once you have signed up to either a monthly or annual subscription, you can start watching the best TV from the UK, right in your living room, anywhere in the World! ENTER OUR SHOP